Jacob Kyle young

About Me

Born in Plano Texas, Jacob Kyle Young personifies "The New American Man" strong, aware and caring.

  He had an idyllic childhood. "I was very blessed with parents who encouraged us to do what made us happy."  One of four boys, Jacob's loving parents, supported his dreams.  "I went two times a week with Dad to the Rio 10 Cinema."  Films inspired him, but sports were instantly accessible, and Jacob grew up succeeding at pretty much whatever he put his mind to.  That included soccer and football.  

  Naturally competitive, Jacob's fierce athleticism led to three concussions, after which, he switched to bodybuilding.  The 5'10" Jacob crafted a body to die for the old school way.  Jacob underscores his disdain for steroids. "I built my body the natural way, by clean eating, and training hard."  Jacob entered and won five competitions. 

  It wasn't a total bed of roses; Jacob survived a car crash after being left for dead by the driver.  This was a wake-up call.  "I had a real epiphany."  Jacob moved to Austin and worked at Gold's Gym as a trainer.  His first client suggested he do commercials.  Never one to wait on good advice, Jacob signed up for commercial acting workshops.

  Meanwhile, true to form, as a trainer, Jacob was the "super-ambitious guy who worked from 6 am to 9 pm."  His earnings and his reputation exploded.  Jacob became Gold's Gym's #1 ranked trainer in the US; his Gold's Gym video is on Youtube. 

 Jacob's sensitive face presents an interesting contrast to his Captain America bod, inviting diverse roles for the actor.  Romantic interest, athlete, war hero, bully, Avenger.  Jacob's tapping into all the possibilities right for him. 

  In Austin, Jacob took acting lessons from Mona Lee and Marco Perella.  At 21, Jacob moved from Austin to LA where Jacob caught fire.  Focused 24/7, Jacob shot 20 independent films in record time.  Building a reel with impact and authenticity, he's defining his unique 'brand.'  "I felt strongly about creating a body of work; If they don't take me seriously how can I take them seriously?"    He also opened up his own production company, Post Modern Entertainment.  

Jacob recently produced, wrote, and starred in his feature film, 'Dead Voices.'  With a theatrical premiere in 2019, he is seeking worldwide distribution for his movie.  His company, Post Modern Entertainment also produced three short films which he starred in, they are available on Amazon Prime: 'Take the Shot', 'Get Over It', and 'The Descendants.'

  His Sundance debut was the 2017 premiere of PBS' "My Brother's Keeper" starring Jacob in a virtual reality short as one of two brothers on opposing sides of the Civil War and the project was nominated for an Emmy.  

  He had a role in 2018 in the feature film, "His Sunrise My Sunset" based on the best selling novel with the same title.  

  With Matt Damon's "Good Will Hunting" trajectory as a roadmap, Jacob has begun to create scripts that will highlight his character type: the New All-American male with a heart and smarts.

  Another Project, "Reach" is a coming of age drama/sport feature film.  Jacob wrote the screenplay, is attached as one of the producers, and  will also be starring as the lead actor.

  Unsurprisingly, the personal trainer lives on in Jacob.  "Actors inspire.  I want to encourage people to chase their dreams."